Lesson Ideas

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K-3 Lessons Ideas
Student Audio Projects
Radio Willow Web is Willowdale Elementary School's Podcast that is produced by different classes throughout the school.
Andersen Podcast is produced by students, including particular classes and the student council.

Grades 4-6 Lesson Ideas
Student Publishing
Tovashal Elementary School provides student podcasts of book reviews, poetry, and much more.

Grades 7-8 Lesson Ideas
Lesson Presentations
Mabry Middle School publishes a variety of podcasts for educational and informational purposes.

Grades 9-12 Lessson Ideas
Audio Sightseeing Tours
Museums, art galleries, and zoos around the United States are creating PodTripsand iZoofaris to extend learning. These podcasts provide audioguides to their visitors.

General Podcasting Ideas
St. Johns County School District - As part of the Instructional Delivery Model, this district is publishing podcast lesson ideas and resources.
The TechTeacher Techknowledgy Resources - This page contains a podcasting script template and other podcasting tutorials and resources.
Guide for Student-Created Podcasts - The creators of Radio Willow Web share how to get students prepared to produce their own podcasts.

Links to Sample Podcasts

Education Podcast Network - The Landmark Project links to many educational podcasts organized by grade level and subject area.
Mrs. Rood's Second Grade Class - Podcasts created by second graders in California.